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TOP 7 Breeds good for Kids!

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

We`ve already mentioned that being a parent should influence on the choice of the cat breed. “Family”cat should be calm, patient and “kid-friendly”

Birman Cats

Calm and well-adjusted Birman Cats love attention. Even if “attention”means being dressed up and involved in tea-party with dolls. They have soft voice, long beautiful fur and the habit of following people everywhere. If your child treats this beauty with respect and gives it enough care and love, they`ll become long-life friends.


These cats are active and curious. That`s why many families think them to be perfect for kid, eager to play with animals all the time. Abyssinian will never bite or scratch a toddler even in the middle of a game. They`re also known as smart and pet friendly. So, each member of your family will befriend with short-haired Energizer.

Burmese Cats 

Burmese is another example of an active cat, perfect for a big family. One more benefit of such an animal is that Burmese can learn different tricks. Therefore, games with this fluffy are more interesting for children.

Maine Coons

These giants are one of the best companions for children. They are loyal even to babies and love being hugged and petted. They may be not the most playful cats, but definitely one of the most loving and cute, buy the way, you will never find such a smart cat as Maine Coon.

Scottish and British cats 

Massive, Scottish or British Shorthair cats are really lap cats, and they like to spend all free time together with people. So, such a fluffy will entertain your child with pleasure. What`s more, they have gorgeous coat, making them big alive toys. Your kid will like to stroke and groom little animal.

Siamese Cats

These sophisticated creatures are talkative and sociable. They hate being left alone and feel comfortable in company of children. Beautiful Siamese not only follows you everywhere the whole day, but also prefers your bed to any other comfy places for sleeping. Both kittens and adult cats are agile and like to play. Therefore, you`ll never get bored with such a four-legged friend.


Hairless Sphynxes attract attention of kids due to their unusual appearance. Meanwhile they are famous not only for their look, but for interesting personality too. Sphynxes are energetic, playful and very social. And of course, your child won`t be allergic to their fur if you buy such a cat.

Now you know for sure which purebreds make the best pets for kids. Still, even if you`ve chosen the calmest kitty ever, do not let your child torture or tease a feline. Teach it to respect animals since the very early childhood grow a responsible pet owner.



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