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Cats vs Dogs. Who should be taken?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Many people dream of having a pet. They give love, help relieve stress, and offer devotion and friendship. According to recent studies, pet owners experience less stress and anxiety. They also have less cholesterol in their blood, and their blood pressure will return to normal. Therefore, having a furry friend can be a lifeline in some cases.

But who to choose between a cat and a dog? These animals should be brighter and more pleasant than rabbits, hamsters, or fish. Having a kitten or dog has pros and cons. If you carefully study all aspects of the issues and watch some videos on this topic, you will be ready.

What to Look for When Choosing?

To start choosing between a cat and a dog, you need to estimate the time for the pet. Remember that dogs are more friendly, need a lot of attention, and walk twice daily. Kittens, in this regard, are less pretentious and like to stay at home alone and feel good without too much attention from the owner.

It is also essential to consider how much money you are willing to spend. Usually, purebred puppies are more expensive than purebred kittens. You can always go to a shelter and find your furry friend if you don't have a budget.

Also, deciding what kind of pet you would like is not enough. Dogs and cats have many breeds with their characteristics, from appearance to health. Some breeds are very fluffy and shed a lot. They will often have to be cleaned up.

Equipment for Cats or Dogs

For a comfortable pet stay, a variety of accessories is required. It needs a bowl for food and water, preferably ceramic. So that they do not spoil the furniture, you need to install a scratching post and trim their claws regularly. A brush is used for fur care. And so that the fluffy does not get bored when you are not at home, buy it toys.

The mandatory list for dogs includes:

  • a collar and leash,

  • a muzzle (for large breeds),

  • bowls for food and water,

  • toys (dogs need special ones),

  • brushes for hair, teeth,

  • bedding.

Difference Between Cat and Dog Nutrition

In order to your pet friend does not suffer from diseases and lives an active life, they need exceptional food. Breeders do not recommend feeding animals from the table but choosing special feeds. Of course, you can order it on Amazon or any pet store near you.

The amount of food depends on the size of the pet. Apparently, kittens eat less than dogs.


Usually, cats are not bathed, but they must be regularly combed and cut claws not to damage your cool wallpapers. Dogs are bathed after each walk. At least they wash their paws. They need to have their teeth brushed.

Dogs breeds and cats are equally prone to infection with fleas, ticks, worms, and other pests. The cure is difficult and, in some cases, can be even impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out preventive therapy: use collars, shampoos, vaccinate, etc. So, the maintenance in a veterinary clinic is necessary.

Do Cats or Dogs Live Longer?

Each breed and animal has its health characteristics. Cats, on average live 12-15 years and more with good care. Dogs average live - about 16 years.


As a rule, no one is engaged in raising cats. These are freedom-loving and independent pets. Cat training is usually not necessary. They come to caress when they want, choose their place of rest, and know what personal boundaries are (sometimes unlike the owners).

The only thing to take care of is getting accustomed to the tray and litter box. But if you get a thoroughbred kitten from a breeder, its mother has already done it. You must show your pet where his tray and box are in the new house.

But since dogs are more active and sociable, puppies must be trained. It is especially true for large dog breeds. However, small dogs need training as well. Especially, if you are going to take it with you on trips, and it is very active running in the car. There are specialists who help people to train up their pets. Yes, you need to engage with a cytologist. This expert knows well how to train your dogs, some special methods to make a pet obedient. However, it means that you will have to set aside time for lessons.

Other Benefits Can Pets Bring

In addition to the aesthetic function and friendship, pets can bring certain benefits to the owners. Cats, being natural hunters, can hunt mice if you live in a country house. They are also believed to have a therapeutic effect: relieve headaches and joint pain, and normalize blood pressure. But it depends on the individual animal and how close you are to your pet. Besides, they are so cute, so people make funny cat videos that decrease stress and improve mood.

Large dog breeds can serve as watchdogs, especially if you live in a home. Also, which species were created as nannies for young children. And if you are a hunter, the dog will help you during your hobby.

In any case, whoever you choose, you must understand that this is a very responsible step. Don’t consider it as an usual dads day gift. A pet's life will depend entirely on you, and he will give his love and friendship. Therefore, it is crucial to assess your capabilities.



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