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Maine Coon Cats

This cat is one of the oldest ones in the USA. Pets were brought out around the beginning of the 18th century. They were taken on ships on long voyages. The cats went ashore and settled on the farms of the first settlers. The appearance evolved as a result of the adaptation to the climate and living conditions. But these animals require constant special care and maintenance. And it is better to find out about this in advance, before you decide to buy a Maine Coon.

What Is the Nature of Maine Coons?

Many compare representatives of this breed with dogs. They are smart, friendly, even trainable, and can perform some tricks. Cats love any activity in the house and will be wonderful companions. Moreover, they love water and enjoy splashing in it.

Maine Coons are giants with a sweet and gentle character. They use many soft and melodic meows and other sounds. And if you already have other pets, these cats will get along great with them. It also applies to children – Maine Coons are excellent nannies. Cats adore playing and basking with kids.

It is hard to answer what Maine Coons are the best. Despite the massiveness, these cats are well-built. They have exceptional proportions. The color palette of their coat is quite varied: from white to black. However, Maine Coons don't have chocolate, lavender, and Himalayan patterns.

Choose your favorite just according to your taste. But remember, they usually grow slowly and reach their full height and weight only in four years.

How to Take Proper Care of Maine Coons?

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at these beauties is their fur. It is long, silky, and a bit oily. So it is slightly water-repellent for rain and snow. It keeps cats warm and dry in nasty weather.

How to care for Maine Coon's coat? To avoid tangles, comb it at least once a week. These pets do not shed much, especially if regularly combed out. Also, the mandatory maintenance procedures include:

  • Bathing to keep the coat soft and clean.

  • Trimming nails once a week.

  • Rinsing and cleaning with mild cat products. If redness or dirt appears, contact your vet immediately.

Despite their activity and curiosity, these cats are a bit lazy. Therefore, they need to be encouraged to play. Provide them with toys and special vertical and horizontal scratchers, since scratching develops cats mentally and physically.

What Diseases Can Maine Coons Suffer?

Many purebred cats are prone to developing specific diseases. And what you should know about Maine Coons is that they are no exception. Despite their hardiness and resistance to harsh climates, they can suffer from:

  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a disease of the heart);

  • hip dysplasia and spinal muscular atrophy (a genetic disease that causes degeneration of the spinal cord and atrophy of the muscles in the hind limbs).

However, it is possible to avoid such heredity with the help of genetic analysis. Purchase kittens only from professional breeders. In nurseries, adult animals are tested for such diseases before breeding.

Do Maine Coons Have a Special Diet?

Since it is a massive breed, the main thing is not to allow weight gain. This breed is prone to obesity. Therefore, the food in the bowl should not be constantly, but dosed twice a day.

Choose a food containing the optimal amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. Maintaining a lean and optimal weight helps avoid hip dysplasia. It is better to discuss the diet with breeders and veterinarians.

These cats are majestic and beautiful animals. They are highly playful and intelligent, which makes them great pets, especially if you have children. And thanks to their thick and long coats, they are ready for any harsh conditions. Maine Coons are funny and cute pets. You and your kids will definitely get along with them and be able to spend time together with interest.



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