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Kitten feeding

Updated: May 13, 2020

Good day, kitten lovers!

We would like to give you some tips about kitten feeding before it comes to your home.

Since the most kittens are born and raised in different kennels, kitten food they are given may vary in different producers and in composition (even if the mark and name are the same). In general, kittens in the breeder’s home are given cat food of brand Royal Canin “Kitten” or Hill's ''Kitten" (food for kittens from 4 months to one year)

The first three days in a new house a kitten should be fed only Royal Canin for kittens if another brand is not recommended.

On the 4th day you may start to add boiled meat. Boiled chicken or turkey breast + well-boiled rice with the liquid in which it was cooked. 3 parts of minced boiled meat and 1 part of rice. So, next three days we feed the kitten 4 times a day: twice a day dry food and twice a day boiled meat with rice.

Starting from the 7th day you should add some dry food of your choice - 20-25 gr/day. The rest of daily food rate is boiled meat with rice. Such quantity of dry food the kitten should be given for another 4-5 days. Then we start to increase a volume of dry food gradually.

A kitten should eat at least 4 times a day. 3 times a day - dry food, twice a day - meat and rice.

If room temperature is high in the premises where kitten is fed, please, don’t allow the rest of meat remained on a plate after kitten left it. At once after feeding take the meat away.

We should not give any milk products within the first two weeks. The first two weeks is a period of adjustment to a new nutrition. It is very important. Kitten’s health depends on it.

After the first two weeks, if the kitten feels well, you may start to add new products to kitten feeding schedule. For example, any paste for kittens. You should start from tiny amounts of new food, 1 tea spoon per day. And introduction of any new food shall take at least 3 days. That is, one day you add 1 tea spoon and watch kitten stool. When you do not see any signs of stomach upset (diarrhea) you may add one more tea spoon next day and so on. If fed on the new product the kitten does not have a diarrhea and vomit within a week, then you may start to introduce the next kinds of food.

Please give to the kitten only boiled water. Even if you give a spring water, it has to be boiled.

With love, your KittensUp team.



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