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How to prepare for a new kitten?

Before you bring your kitten home, you have to create conditions for his well-being so that the baby cat can live safely in your house.

For a kitten, you need to buy food and household items, toys, accessories and special furniture. Choose a quality feed of at least premium class, quality accessories, and strong cat carrier.

Our kittens are accustomed to a species-typical natural raw diet, high quality dust-free filler and a good scratching post, large and stable bowls, beautiful and safe toys.

CAT FOOD or MIX - it is advisable to buy or prepare the same as in the cattery, and gradually transfer to the one that is convenient for you. Please, read in the description to your kitten what brand he get used to. Please remember that our kittens are from Europe, you can purchase the same brand, but it still has different manufacture and can be a reason of diarrhea. Please prepare probiotic food to help your kitten to get used to the new food. Most of our kittens eat this food "Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Dry Cat Food for Young Kittens"

BOWLS - there should be several of them, 1 large for water, 1 for feed (if you plan to transfer to feed) and 1 for meat.

CAT LITTER BOX, LITTER TRAY - should be large and as stable as possible, preferably with sides bent inwards, we use regular open type litter boxes like this one "Frisco Open Top Cat Litter Box With Rim".

CAT LITTER SCOOP for litter box

We have a plastic one, like this "Fresh Step All-in-One Cat Litter Scoop", which is the simplest one.


We use woof pallets or paper pallets as a litter filler like this one "Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter". You can see also in the description to your kitten what type of litter filler your kitten get used to.

Later, when the kitty adapts, you can gradually switch to a more suitable filler and tray.

SCRARCHING POST – You can buy any that you like. It can be also cat tree with different types of scratching posts. If you are looking for something simple and stylish you can take a look at this one "PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge Toy"

CAT NAIL CLIPPER, CAT BRUSH - for manicure and proper hairstyle

TOYS - Absolutely all kittens like this toy "Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy", laser toy "PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy", small balls with a ring inside, cat tube.

CAT CALMING AIDS - remember that your home is absolutely new and it's very important to help your kitten to feel comfortable in the new family. We recommend "Comfort Zone 2X Pheromone Formula Calming Diffuser Kit for Cat Calming".

We highly recommend to prepare it for Oriental, Bengal, Exotic shorthair, Persian kittens and also if you have another pet at home already.

Happy to be helpful

Your KittensUp team



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