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Choosing a cat is as important as choosing your better half

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Choosing a cat is as important as choosing your better half. If you want your life with kitty to be easy and happy, choose the right animal. Here are simple tips, helping you to find a perfect furry friend.

Lifestyle & Health

First of all, think whether you are allergic to fur or not. If the answer is “yes”, choose hypoallergenic cats, for example, Siberian or Sphynx. You should also keep in mind the fact that many purebreds tend to have serious problems in health. Buy such cats only in case if you`re ready to take care of the animal and nurse it. If you have small kids or domestic pets, look at calm felines. Among all the existing breeds you may find cats for travellers (they`ll become purrrfect companions for you), for couch potatoes (lazy balls of fur, preferring to sleep on your knees) or even for workaholics. One more important thing is the place you live in. Active cats need much space while calm felines will be satisfied with the small apartment. Choosing a small hunter, don`t forget that such an animal will need to spend time outdoor in order to feel good.

Appearance and character

Buying a purebred cat, people usually pay attention to animal`s appearance. Each breed has its own characteristics. If you`re looking for a long-haired beauty, look at Maine Coons or Highlands. However, if you don`t want to worry about washing and grooming your fluffy, buy medium-haired animal or the one with no fur. Cats also differ in the body type, eyes colour and size. Therefore if you`re a very visual type of person you may find a kitty, matching the image of your Ideal Cat.

Quite often people can`t decide between male and female cat. There still exists a stereotype that females are more independent and selfish while boys tend to be active and loving. That`s not true, as all these traits depend on the breed and personality. For example, Abyssinians and other exotic breeds are known for their being active, while Persians are famous lazy-bones. Reading the info about a particular breed you may find out whether this animal will be vocal or not, or the way it will interfere with strangers in your house. All these characteristics are just about the genes. So it`s easier to find out this info beforehand then to waste your time on the attempts to change cat`s personality.

Think twice before choosing the particular breed and all the info you can find about it. Remember that cats live for 15 years on average. Choose the right puss and these years won`t be spoiled by misunderstanding and irritation.



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