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Welcoming Izida, an Enchanting Chocolate Ticked Oriental Female Kitten


Additional Information


  • Breed: Oriental Shorthair
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Born July 19th, 2023
  • Color: Chocolate ticked
  • Health: Up-to-date on vaccinations and microchipped
  • Personality: Playful, affectionate, and energetic


Oriental cat price: $2,400


In Stock and Ready to Fill Your Life with Joy


Embark on an extraordinary journey filled with love, laughter, and countless cherished moments with Izida, an irresistible chocolate ticked Oriental female kittens available for sale. With her captivating green eyes and sleek, chocolate ticked coat, Izida is a true vision of feline elegance. Born on July 19th, 2023, she is a bundle of energy and curiosity, eager to explore the world around her.


A European Treasure with an Impeccable Health Record


Hailing from Europe, Izida comes with a comprehensive health certificate encompassing a rabies shot, two PCH vaccinations, a microchip, an international passport, FeLV/FIV and fecal tests for parasites, and a registration card. She will also be spayed before joining your family, ensuring a healthy and fulfilling life for your new feline companion.


A Playful Spirit and Unwavering Affection


Izida embodies the true essence of an Oriental kitten, exhibiting an abundance of energy and a playful spirit. She delights in chasing toys, exploring her surroundings, and engaging in interactive games with her humans. Despite her playful nature, Izida is also incredibly affectionate, seeking out cuddles and attention from those she loves. She will undoubtedly become a cherished companion who will fill your life with joy and laughter.


A Perfect Companion for an Active Household


Izida's vibrant personality and playful energy make her an ideal companion for active households. She will thrive in an environment where she has ample opportunities to play, explore, and interact with her humans. However, Izida is also adaptable and can adjust to various living situations, as long as she receives ample attention and love.


A Commitment to Ethical Breeding and Kitten Care


We are dedicated to providing our kittens with the best possible care from the moment they are born. Our kittens are raised in a loving and stimulating environment, receiving regular socialization and veterinary care. We believe in responsible breeding practices and ensure that all of our kittens for sale are healthy and well-adjusted before being placed in their new homes.


Embark on an Unforgettable Journey with Izida


Open your heart and home to Izida, and embark on an extraordinary adventure filled with love, laughter, and countless cherished moments. We are confident that Izida will bring joy and companionship to your life for many years to come. Contact us today to schedule a visit or make a purchase. We are thrilled to help you find the perfect feline companion for your life!


Contact us today to learn more about Izida and make her a part of your family!


Enriching Your Life with Izida: A Comprehensive Guide


Bringing Izida, an enchanting Oriental female kitten, into your life marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey filled with love, laughter, and countless cherished moments. To ensure a smooth transition and a fulfilling relationship with your new feline companion, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to provide you with essential information and care tips.


Welcoming Izida into Her New Home


As Izida arrives in her new home, it's crucial to create a comfortable and safe environment for her to explore and adjust. Designate a specific area as her "kitten zone," equipped with a cozy bed, food and water bowls, a scratching post, and toys. Provide her with plenty of opportunities to play and interact with you, allowing her to gradually familiarize herself with her new surroundings.


Establishing a Feeding Routine


Izida's nutritional needs are essential for her growth and development. We recommend Purina Pro Plan Kitten food as her primary source of nutrition, providing her with the optimal balance of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Follow the feeding guidelines on the packaging, adjusting the amount as she grows older.


Maintaining a Clean Litter Box


To ensure Izida's hygiene and comfort, it's essential to maintain a clean litter box. Use wood pallets or paper pallets as her litter, as they are both comfortable and effective in absorbing odor. Scoop the litter box regularly, at least once or twice a day, and completely change the litter every week or two.


Grooming for a Healthy and Radiant Coat


Regular grooming is essential for maintaining Izida's sleek, chocolate ticked coat. Brush her gently once or twice a week to remove loose hair and prevent mats. You can also bathe her occasionally using a mild shampoo specifically designed for cats.


Preventive Veterinary Care


Regular veterinary checkups are crucial for monitoring Izida's health

576 Izida (U) Oriental female kitten

Out of Stock
  • According to the sales contract you can return the cat only in case of genetic disease detected in the first 48 business hours by a licensed veterinarian. We refund the amount of the kitten but not a shipping cost that was paid to deliver kitten to your location.
    *Allergy to the cat is not a cause for return.

    *If a kitten stops using a litter box it is not a cause for return. (But we always can help to get him accustomed to litter box)

  • We offer 4 types of delivery:

    1. Delivery by plane in a cargo. Price is $575. Delivery is available to your nearest airport with American Airlines or Alaska airlines facility. We book flight and give you all needed information to pick up kitten. You have to show your ID and number of AWB at the airline’s facility.

    *Option is not available for Scottish fold, Exotic shorthair, Persian and Burmese breed. Only delivery by car or Nanny delivery in hands

    *Option is not available if the temperature in each point is more than 85 degrees and less than 25 degrees.

    2. Delivery by car. We use delivery services to bring kittens directly to your home. This type of delivery works for nearby States only. Price depends on delivery location.

    3.Nanny delivery. Our courier is flying together with a kitten caring your kitten in hands during a flight. Price is $900 (exclusions may apply depends on the destination)

    4.Personal delivery. We use all kinds of transportation to make it ''door to door''. Works for all States. Price is $1250 (exclusions may apply depends on the destination)

    You are always more than welcome to pick your kitten up at our location: 1800 N University Drive, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024.

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