We can have your kitten taken to Miami, Florida if you have already chosen the kitten directly from the breeder. We work with Lufthansa airlines, which provides one of the best cargo pet services in the world. We do shipping every 1-2 weeks, so we can deliver your kitten as soon as your kitten is ready to be shipped. In order to travel, your kitten has to have a rabies vaccination followed by at least a 30-day incubation period.

Our price includes:
- Shipping from the breeder to Kiev/Ukraine or Moscow/Russia
- Documents for international travel with microchip
- Carrier box for international travel
- Vet check a day before traveling (wellness exams). If our vet doesn't recommend for your kitten to travel, we send it back to the breeder and give you a partial refund. We will refund you $300 and provide you confirmation information from the vet.
- Customs clearance in Miami international airport
- Import fee
- Delivery to our facility in Hollywood, Florida (1637 S 21st avenue Hollywood, FL 33020)

We can also do:
- Grooming for your kitten (+$60)
- Shipping to your state via cargo service ($350)

We don't give you any type of a health guarantee for the kitten. The breeder is the only entity that is responsible for the health guarantee.

International Delivery