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Sphynx cats

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Sphynxes are a breed of cats that are very different from fluffy pets. Their body has absolutely no wool cover. Naked cats do not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, we have prepared brief information that you need to know about the Sphynx cats.

Varieties of Sphynxes

Bald Sphynx cats come in two subspecies: Don and Canadian. The first appeared at the end of the XX century in Rostov-on-Don. The second originated in the second half of the twentieth century in Canada. In both cases, breeders drew attention to the unusual appearance of animals and made considerable efforts to preserve it.

The breeds are similar in appearance, but they are genetically different, and mating between them is prohibited. Canadian Sphynxes have a recessive gene, so both parents must have it in order to get hairless offspring. Things are different with the Don cats. These Sphynxes have a dominant gene, so even if one of the parents is fluffy, the offspring will inherit hairlessness.

At the same time, representatives of the Don variety can be different:

  • naked or hairless;

  • flock: their skin feels like a peach, their wool is almost invisible, it usually disappears completely with age;

  • velour: wool length does not exceed 3 mm;

  • brush: the coat is stiff, bald spots are possible on the neck and head.

As for Canadians, their body can be covered with a thin, smooth and barely noticeable fluff that grows on their muzzle, ears, tail, and paws.

The skin of the Sphynx cat is soft and elastic, it gathers in folds on the neck, paws, tail, and belly. It feels warm and pleasant to the touch. The normal body temperature of these cats is higher than representatives of other breeds. It is up to everyone what kind of Sphynxes is best for you.

What Is The Character Of Sphynxes?

Cats of this breed are curious and will enthusiastically explore your apartment, even cabinets and

bedside tables will not be left without attention. They are very smart, so getting used to the cat litter box and scratching post will not be difficult.

What Conditions Of Care Do Sphynx cats Require?

Give your pet a separate place in your home where it can spend time and relax alone. Make sure that the animal is always warm and not supercooled. You can put special clothes on your Sphynx. Walking in the warmer months can benefit them. Sphynxes love to bask in the sun. However, they can burn under the scorching rays.

How To Feed Sphynxes?

It is easiest to use balanced ready-made feeds to provide the animal with everything necessary for normal development. They contain vitamins and minerals. It is better to choose from the lines of proven brands presenting special diets for hairless cats.

Special Care

These kinds of cats sweat. Their skin secretes fat. Consequently, bathe them once or twice a week and regularly wipe with a soft, damp towel. The bathing water should be at least 38 degrees Celsius / 100 F. If you abandon such hygienic procedures, over time its skin will be covered with a sticky fatty coating, dirt will accumulate in folds, and the pet will not smell too pleasant. You should also clean their ears and cut their claws.

The eyes, due to the lack of eyelashes, also need additional care. As contamination occurs, it is necessary to remove the formations accumulated there from their corners with a napkin moistened with eye lotions or chamomile decoction.

Pay Attention To The Following While Buying

While choosing a cat, pay attention to the pet class. To breed cats, you need to buy a Sphynx with set of registration papers and pedigree. And to participate in exhibitions, select kittens with championship bloodline who belong to the show class.

While selecting a kitten pay attention to the following: it should be cheerful, active, and moderately well-fed. Look at the conditions of its care and clarify information about its parents. But whatever Sphynx you acquire, remember that it is your family member and you need to take care of and love it.


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