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British Shorthair and Longhair Cats

This breed became famous in the 19th century. In their appearance, they resemble Persian

cats due to their round and slightly flat muzzle. The body is strong, wide, with soft plush hair.

These animals are quite small, but they are strong and properly balanced for jumping,

playing, and hunting. The weight of an adult cat is up to 7 kg, females are much smaller – up

to 5 kg. There are other important things that you need to know about British cats.

Distinctive Features

Why do people love British cats?

Most of them adore this breed due to its gentle, friendly

character. These cats get along well with other animals in the house; they are neat, calm,

unhurried, and sociable. They love to play and are very curious. You rarely see trouble from

these domestic animals, and your favorite vase will remain in the same place, because these

pets tolerate loneliness quite well. They will always find something to do and will not spoil the

furniture or create a mess.

There are two types of cats of this breed – the British Shorthair and the British Longhair.

Most often, the British have bright orange eyes, but there are also blue and green ones.

You can find kittens of different colors:

● tortoiseshell;

● striped;

● plain;

● smoky;

● spotted;

● lilac;

● white;

● black;

● blue and others.

It is significant that the British are not vindictive and not touchy, they love their owners and

try to express this in every action. The owner is their main friend, so these pets will always

meet you with joy and will pay maximum attention. The main feature of this breed is

intelligence, tact, and politeness. Even if your caresses are unpleasant at the moment, your

pet will continue to “endure”.

Do British Cats Have Frequent Health Problems?

Many cats were bred artificially, and this left an imprint on the health of many generations.

The British breed has remained almost unchanged, so the cats are in excellent health. With

proper care and nutrition, regular vaccinations, and veterinary check-ups, your pet will live a

long life.

How Often Do the British Release Claws?

This is a unique breed that has a quiet temperament. Many people prefer to buy British

because such cats do not like conflicts and do not get into fights. Their popular reaction is to

simply leave and wait in another room. The British are not aggressive, so they rarely release

their claws and seldom attack first.

Do British Cats Need Special Meals?

Such cats are unpretentious in food. You can give not only specialized nutrition but also

homemade one. Dry food is a must in the diet , but people also feed them cereals, soups,

dairy products, meat, and fish.

Pros and Cons of Choosing British Cats

It is impossible to say exactly which British cats are better. The features of their behavior

and character are the same; the differences are only in the length of the coat, eye and hair

color. British cats rarely show aggression, so these kittens are often chosen by families with

small children.

The significant advantages of this choice include the rather phlegmatic nature of the animals,

so they do not require special gentle care. This is an excellent choice for business people

whose daily routine is scheduled to the minute.

As for the minuses, the owners of British cats noted their desire to express their own opinion.

It is best to raise a kitten from an early age so that later you do not have problems with their


If you like cats with a soft and friendly character, then British ones are the best solution.

Unlike the Siberian breed or even the European one, these animals are the calmest and

unproblematic. They love family, affection, and a quiet atmosphere. You do not need to

carefully study all the points of caring for British cats – they are not capricious. Love your pet

and you will reap immediate rewards.

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Shyanna Miller
Shyanna Miller
May 17, 2022

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